The COST Action Rely has two types of meetings:

  • Meetings of the Management Committee or Meetings of the Core Group
  • Meetings of the Working Groups - in either parallel or separate sessions.IMG 5847 1 group photo s

Attention: Only if you receive an official invitation by the COST office, your costs will be reimbursed, according to the COST vademecum.

Upcoming meetings

Grant period (2017-2018) 


  • February 14-16: WG 3 meeting in Osijek/HR (on invitation)20171005 1258031 group s
  • February 21-23: WG 4 meeting in Aberdeen/UK (on invitation)
  • March 13-15: Spring meeting (MC, WG) in Brno/CZ (on invitation)
  • March 16: Editorial Board meeting in Brno/CZ (on invitation)
  • June 5-8: Sustainable energy week in Brussels - COST RELY might be present with a round table discussion, will consider only a few Action members - event preparation in progress
  • September 3-9: Final COST RELY dissemination meeting at 28th PECSRL conference in Clermont-Ferrand and Mendes (MC, WG) with 2 COST RELY sessions, one closed with presentations by all 4 WG (see Innsbruck and Dresden conferences) and one open session: S.1 – Renewable Energy and Landscape Quality, call for abstracts is open

The following meetings took place so far


  • January 25-26: WG 2 meeting in Edinburgh/UK
  • February 2-3: WG 1 meeting in Granada/SpainWG 1 meeting Italy 12 2017 DSC 7900
  • February 13 - 15: WG 3 meeting in Zurich/CH
  • March 13-15: Spring Meeting Thessaloniki/Greece: all WG in parallel, including an information session
    on Horizon2020 by an advisor from KOWI (group photo, top on the right)
  • April 10-13: WG 4 meeting in Buc/France - intensive work on the glossary and on the first policy briefing
  • May 22-26: 2nd RELY Training School on Iceland - see call
  • September 18-20: Fall meeting: WG meeting (all WG in parallel) in Banja Luka/Bosnia and Herzigovina
  • October 04-06: Core group meeting in Gödöllö/Hungary (photo, middle on the right)
  • November 22-24: WG 4 meeting in Buc/FR
  • November 27-29: Thematic meeting on Renewable Engergies and built heritage on Paola/Malta
  • December 11-12: WG 1 meeting in Naples/IT (Best weather, as you can see
    on the third photo on the right, therefore even working does not do any harm)
  • January 24-26: WG 2 meeting in Haifa/Israel

 WG 1 meeting 201712 DSC 7892 s



  • August 22-26: Dublin/Ireland: RELY training school for 20 trainees (by call)
  • September 5-9: Innsbruck and Seefeld/Austria: PECSRL conference with a special session RELY, MC meeting and WG meetings
  • October 10-12: Reykjavik/Iceland: Training School preparatory meeting and core group meeting
  • July 7-8: Rijeka/Croatia: WG 3 meeting with excursion on the island of Krk
  • April 13-15: Ljubljana/Slovenia: Spring meeting of ALL WG and Action-public Core Group meeting
  • March 16-17: Liège/Belgium: WG 2 meeting
  • February 02-03: WG 1 meeting and preparation of Horizon2020 application in Granada/Spain
  • January 26-27: WG 4 meeting and preparation of Horizon2020 application in Buc/France


  • October 14-16: Core Group meeting to prepare training school 2016 in Dublin/IE ( report with photos )
  • September 15: MC meeting, Within the framework of the European Conference of the Landscape Research Group: „Energy Landscapes“ 16-18 Sep 2015 with a special session RELY in Dresden/DE (report with photos)
  • March 23-25: MC meeting, parallel WG meetings, 1day excursion with appr. 80 participants in Lisbon/PT (report with photos)


  • October 16-17: Kick-off, constitution of 4 WG, appr. 50 participants in Brussels/BE

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WG4 accomplished a meeting, taking place in Paris from 26 to 28 of January 2016.

Participants: Alexandra Kruse (FR), Bénédicte Gaillard (FR), Csaba Centeri (HU), Malgorzata Lachowska (PL), Sina Röhner (DE), Vania Kachova (BG) and Naja Marot (SI) via Skype. The meeting was in many ways useful and creative.

The following themes have been discussed:

  • PR statement (responsible: Naja)
  • Homepage (responsible: Alexandra with Malgorzata)
  • Regular reminders on constant collection of (responsible: Malgorzata) every two month
  • Questionnaire (responsible: Malgorzata)
  • Glossary (responsible: Naja, Alexandra, Vania)
  • Travelling exhibition (responsible: Bénédicte and Alexandra)
  • Horizon2020 application of the RELY consortium (responsible: Csaba Centeri)

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The COST Action Rely has two type of meetings: 

  • Meetings of the Management Committee
  • Meetings of the Working Groups - all in either parallel or separately.

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