The COST Action Rely has two types of meetings:

  • Meetings of the Management Committee or Meetings of the Core Group
  • Meetings of the Working Groups - in either parallel or separate sessions.

Attention: Only if you receive an official invitation by the COST office, your costs will be reimbursed, according to the COST vademecum.

Upcoming meetings


Grant period (2017-2018)

  • November 22-24: WG 4 meeting in Buc/FR (on invitation)
  • November 27-29: Thematic meeting on Renewable Engergies and built heritage on Paola/Malta (on invitation)


  • January 24-26 (preliminary date): WG 2 meeting in Haifa/Israel (on invitation)
  • Febuary 1-2: WG 1 meeting in Naples/IT (on invitation)
  • Febuary 14-16 (preliminary date): WG 3 meeting in Osijek/HR (on invitation)
  • March 13-15: Spring meeting (MC, WG) in Brno/CZ (on invitation)

The following meetings took place so farIMG 5847 1 group photo s


  • January 25-26: WG 2 meeting in Edinburgh/UK
  • February 2-3: WG 1 meeting in Granada/Spain
  • February 13 - 15: WG 3 meeting in Zurich/CH
  • March 13-15: Spring Meeting Thessaloniki/Greece: all WG in parallel, including an information session on Horizon2020 by an advisor from KOWI (group photo on the right)
  • April 10-13: WG 4 meeting in Buc/France - intensive work on the glossary and on the first policy briefing
  • May 22-26: 2nd RELY Training School on Iceland - see call
  • September 18-20: Fall meeting: WG meeting (all WG in parallel) in Banja Luka/Bosnia and Herzigovina
  • October 04-06: Core group meeting in Gödöllö/Hungary (on invitation) (photo on the right)20171005 1258031 group s


  • August 22-26: Dublin/Ireland: RELY training school for 20 trainees (by call)
  • September 5-9: Innsbruck and Seefeld/Austria: PECSRL conference with a special session RELY, MC meeting and WG meetings
  • October 10-12: Reykjavik/Iceland: Training School preparatory meeting and core group meeting
  • July 7-8: Rijeka/Croatia: WG 3 meeting with excursion on the island of Krk
  • April 13-15: Ljubljana/Slovenia: Spring meeting of ALL WG and Action-public Core Group meeting
  • March 16-17: Liège/Belgium: WG 2 meeting
  • February 02-03: WG 1 meeting and preparation of Horizon2020 application in Granada/Spain
  • January 26-27: WG 4 meeting and preparation of Horizon2020 application in Buc/France


  • October 14-16: Core Group meeting to prepare training school 2016 in Dublin/IE ( report with photos )
  • September 15: MC meeting, Within the framework of the European Conference of the Landscape Research Group: „Energy Landscapes“ 16-18 Sep 2015 with a special session RELY in Dresden/DE (report with photos)
  • March 23-25: MC meeting, parallel WG meetings, 1day excursion with appr. 80 participants in Lisbon/PT (report with photos)


  • October 16-17: Kick-off, constitution of 4 WG, appr. 50 participants in Brussels/BE