The Action has been initiated by a network of researchers from 13 COST countries and encourages additional individual researchers and COST countries to join. The coordination of the Action was overseen by a Management Committee (MC).

The task of the MC was to review the direction and progress of the work plan including the dissemination of the outputs elaborated. The MC did also initiate and maintain an ongoing exchange of information with relevant key international bodies.

The Action had 4 Working Groups (WG), three thematic WG and one for disemmination and communication. Each WG had designated WG chair and an Early Carreer Investigator as Co-chair.

Together with the Chair and the Vice-Chair of the Action, the WG Chairs with their substitutes formed the Core Group (CG) as managing board of the Action. Also the STSM Coordinator participated in the core group.

The following persons managed the Action: