Glossary on Renewable Energy terms and Landscape Quality

Published: Journal of Landscape Ecology 2018, Special Issue 2

1. Preliminary note
This glossary has three functions:
1. It will ensure, that all project participants use the same terms and terminology
2. That all project participants understand the same things by using this terms
3. It will be one major outcome of RELY that shall be accessible via RELY homepage

Following the EUCALAND glossary also the COST RELY Glossary follows this structure:
1. the common English term
2. a definition
3. sometimes synonyms
4. the most important reference (standard works if possible)
5. a meaningful illustration – in most cases a photo, sometimes a drawing or a graph, depending on which might be more appropriate
6. the translations into 28 languages (COST RELY participants' languages plus Esperanto): BIH*, BG, CZ, DE, DK, ESP, EE, ES, FI, FR,  GR, Heb, HR, HU, IC, IT, LI, LT, ME, NL, PL, PT, RO, RUS, SE, SI, SK, SRB  
*Bosiak, Croatian, Serbien: The three official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Index of RELY glossary (46 terms)

(klick on the term)
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 Attention: Sometimes the Slovakian translation is missing. It will be added.

Full list with References and http-Links