Glossary on Renewable Energy terms and Landscape Quality

Draft status - will be finalised during the Action's life time

1. Preliminary note
This glossary has three functions:
1. It will ensure, that all project participants use the same terms and terminology
2. That all project participants understand the same things by using this terms
3. It will be one major outcome of RELY that shall be accessible via RELY homepage

Following the EUCALAND glossary ( it therefore contains
1. the common English term
2. a definition
3. sometimes synonyms
4. the most important reference (standard work if possible)
5. an illustration – in most cases a photo, sometimes a drawing or a graph might be more appropriate
6. the translations into the participants languages (see separate document)

All project partners are encouraged to use this terms in
1. discussions
2. disseminations

All projects participants can contribute, but especially members of WG 1 and WG 4 are asked to cooperate: Any comment welcome!

Round one – first draft
We need ONE responsible person PER term. Achieved

If there are missing terms: Please add them.
Translations: Please check, if you can provide translations. We have already translated all terms into

FR    ES    PL    EE    HR    CZ    HU    ME    PT    FI    DE    NL    BIH* Heb    (RUS)     EN    BG    
*Bosiak, Croatian, Serbien: The three official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Round two - revision:
To all RELY members: Please read the definitions carefully and give us feedback,
1. if the words and definitions are understandable and
2. acceptable in your understanding
3. if you miss terms or explanations - also if you are a visitor of this homepage: Feel free to contact us!
4. which one we don’t need
5. comment on the definitions, help to make them good, acceptable and usable. Use track-change-modus.

You can downlaod the recent Glossary version here: (stand: 11 May 2017)

Attention: The illustrations are at the moment only in a weak resolution.

and the recent translation of terms here.

Both documents will be updated regularily.