Outcomes of the RELY Action

The following outcomes are, among others, envisaged.

  • Multilingual glossary for scientific collaboration and transborder public participation
  • Systematic review of the nexus between renewable energy systems and Europe’s landscapes as living, economic, ecological, social, cultural and recreation spaces, and their importance in relation to people’s heritage and basis for identification
  • Pan-European documentation and synopsis of landscape quality and character assessment
  • Typology of best practices of sustainable, landscape compatible renewable energy production systems
  • Guidelines to assess potential areas for specific renewable energy systems in terms of effects on landscape quality/character, suitable for EIA, SEA and other planning instruments
  • Catalogue of relevant criteria, indicators and respective GIS-available proxy-data for assessing the suitability of landscapes for renewable energy systems
  • Toolbox for landscape-aware public participation in all stages of planning for renewable energy

Target groups


Target group