STSM - Short Term Scientific Mission

As COST is a network activity that supports especially young scientists, RELY will offer STSM each year. They are financially supported by the idea of COST.

2017 call for 8 STSMs is open! Deadline 19th April 2017

In 2017, COST RELY offers 8 financed STSM, 6 topics are directly related to the work of the 4 working groups and 2 STSM are completely free. Certainly the topic must be inline with the aims and objectives of the Action.

For more information: Download the fact sheet or contact the

STSM coordinator within RELY is Serge Schmitz, BE

  • How to participate: on-line application form.
  • Written agreement of the host institution, CV + list of puplications
  • Work plan (800 words), the start and the end dates
  • Cover letter, explaining how your work will benefit from this STSM and how this STSM will contribute to the achievement of the COST RELY Action's objectives
  • Letter of support from the home institution
  • Deadline: 19/04/2017

You will find more information in this STSM-pdf.


  • Agatino Rizzo (SE): "Assessing government and citizens ambitions in the implementation of RE projects in Malta" (Host: Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, MT). This article is a result of the STSM: "Managing the energy transition in a tourism-driven economy: The case of Malta." In: Sustainable Cities and Society. Elsevier. Link to the article
  • Stanislav Martinat (CZ): "Acceptance of biogas energy on the local level (Portugal/Czech Republic)" (Host: University of Lisbon, PT). Report
  • Vincent Vanderheyden (BE): "Training School 2016 preparation" (Host: Dublin Institute of Technology, IE)
  • Bénédicte Gaillard (FR): "Renewable energies and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A comparative study." (Host: University of Granada, ES). Report
  • Malgorzata Lachowska (PL): "Defining meaning of ‘landscape quality’ and ‘renewable energy’" (Host: Centre International de Recherche sur l’Environment et le Dévelopmment in cooperation with insitu World Heritage consulting, FR)


5 STSMs were already granted for 2015:

  •  Bohumil Frantal (CZ): Exploring the contesting functions of new energy landscapes (Host institute: University of Granada, ES). Report
  •  Stanislav Martinat (CZ): On the way to identification best and poor practices of renewable energies projects (Host institute: University  of Edinburgh, GB). Report
  •  Malgorzata Kowalczyk (PL): Comparative analysis of wind farm planning process in Poland and Hungary (Host institute: Corvinus University  Budapest, HU). Report
  •  Monika Domanowska (PL): Indications and tools for planning renewable energy power plants (Host institute: Swiss Federal Research Institute, CH). Report
  •  Georgia Sismani (GR): Impact of offshore wind farms on waves and coastal landscape (Host institute: Ecole centrale de Nantes, FR). Report