WG4 accomplished a meeting, taking place in Paris from 26 to 28 of January 2016.

Participants: Alexandra Kruse (FR), Bénédicte Gaillard (FR), Csaba Centeri (HU), Malgorzata Lachowska (PL), Sina Röhner (DE), Vania Kachova (BG) and Naja Marot (SI) via Skype. The meeting was in many ways useful and creative.

The following themes have been discussed:

  • PR statement (responsible: Naja)
  • Homepage (responsible: Alexandra with Malgorzata)
  • Regular reminders on constant collection of (responsible: Malgorzata) every two month
  • Questionnaire (responsible: Malgorzata)
  • Glossary (responsible: Naja, Alexandra, Vania)
  • Travelling exhibition (responsible: Bénédicte and Alexandra)
  • Horizon2020 application of the RELY consortium (responsible: Csaba Centeri)

PR statement
Was discussed, Naja will finalise, Sina prepared formal layout, Alexandra provided photos. The statement will be circulated to all members and will be downloadable from the homepage.


IMG 20160126 092635 MeetingBuc s

All members of WG 4 will take care for regular information and checking of the homepage. Malgorzata sends every two month reminders to the Action members for constant collection of: publications, conferences, presentations etc.

Malgorzata presented the questionnaire about RE in private households which will contain 3 different parts and will use several methods (personal, email circulation and online survey). Participation for all RELY members will be possible at various occasions during the next meetings. (Whoever is interested in contribution: please get in touch with Malgorzata.)

Parallel sessions: Glossary and Travelling exhibition

It was decided that the glossary will be prepared mainly for members of RELY Cost ActionTU1401. The simple on-line word based glossary like COMMIN glossary will be a good example for the RELY glossary: the basic structure will consist of terms-definitions-sources. The terms will be translated into national languages and the definitions will be provided in English and can be translated by the members on voluntary basis.

Regarding the co-operation with others WGs. Naja will ask WG chairs for a list of the most common / important terms, particularly related to renewable energy. It was decided to add ‘crop energy’ to the glossary and change ‘bioenergy’ to ‘biomass energy’. A draft will be prepared in March 2016, MCM will be asked for comments during the spring meeting (April 2016, Ljubljana)

group foto CC IMG 20160127 105353 s detail

Travelling exhibition

For the panels of the Travelling Exhibition, the basic layout with header and footer has already been prepared, presented and debated. In total 6 posters will be prepared: one including the partners; 4 posters for each Working Group and one poster about the action. 

Horizon2020 application
The afternoon and the second day was substantially dedicated to help Csaba in relation with the proposal for Horizon 2020. Participants were satisfied with the results in discussing the topics raised, received views and opinions, and distribution of the tasks.

Good French food and a very nice international and productive atmosphere were the characteristics of this highly important meeting which brought a lot of progress to the WP.

Vania & Alexandra