Senix conference june 2016 Sweden

"The Role of Social Sciences in a Low-Carbon Energy Mix" 13-15 June 2016, Sweden in Stockholm

"The Role of Social Sciences in a Low-Carbon Energy Mix", June 13-15, 2016 in Stockholm/Swedensenix2016 logo

Call for abstracts for the SENIX Conference: The SENIX Conferences help bridging the gap between present day conditions and full recognition of the necessity to bring in the social issues up-front in energy policies, programmes and projects. On May 25-27, 2015 the first SENIX conference was successfully held in Stockholm and the programme is available on the 

Conference homepage.

The second SENIX conference will be held on June 13-15, 2016. Compared to SENIX 2015 the coverage of different topics related to energy production and consumption will be broadened and a major step towards the creation of a “social platform” for energy issues will be taken.

You are now welcome to submit abstracts and to register for the conference at the conference web site. For abstract submission, please follow the instructions for submission and indicate to which topic your abstract belongs and which energy sources the presentation relates to. The topics are grouped in four categories: A) Social and political challenges, B) Decision-making processes – governance, C) Local and regional socio-economic impacts and concerns and E) Ethics. Furthermore, please indicate if you prefer oral or poster presentation. If the number of preferred oral presentations exceeds available session lots, the programme committee will have to set a limit for oral presentations and ask the authors(s) to provide a poster.