PECSRL 2018 with special COST RELY Session

COST RELY organises an open session “S.1 - Renewable Energy and Landscape Quality” and the call is now available on the PECSRL website: Your abstracts are welcome.

The 28th session of the PECSRL biennial international conference – European Landscapes for Quality of Life? – will be held in 2018, at two locations: Clermont-Ferrand and Mende. This general theme encompasses the interactions between quality of landscapes, quality of food and quality of life, the importance of re enrooting food to place as an alternative to the globalization and Health and quality of life in connection with landscapes.

There will also be a closed RELY session, where all WG will present the results of this 4 years Action.

Furthermore the updated and extended COST RELY travelling exhibition will be exposed and the Action book will be sold.