WG 4 neue GrafikWG 4 focussed on the synthesis of findings and dissemination of results. WG 4 began at the outset of the Action, and established the communication and dissemination structures including the Action website. WG 4 coordinated the development of a multilingual glossary for scientific collaboration and trans-border public participation as an important prerequisite for the cooperation and exchange of knowledge in all WGs. In addition, WG focussed on public participation through several photo competitions calls and a travelling exhibition.

Chair: Alexandra Kruse, FR contact

Co-Chair: Isidora Karan, BIZ contact

Outcomes: multilingual glossary, travelling exhibition, homepage, leaflets, publications etc.

Members: You can get more information about the members of WG 4 by clicking on the photo or the name.

Objectives & MethodologyWG 4 glossary ex

Providing means and material to promote the Action and disseminate results.

Facilitating exchange and communication between all WGs.

Synthesizing results from all WGs and disseminating them to the target groups (travelling exhibition, leaflet, articles etc.).

Coordinating work on the Action book.

Establishing and maintaining the Action website as an internal and external information platform.

Coordinating the development of a multilingual glossary for scientific collaboration, trans-border public participation and exchange of knowledge in all WGs

Recording the Action‘s dissemination activities as well as dissemination activities of the participants (publications, presentations on conferences etc.)

Producing a photo database for internal and external use.



This glossary has three functions:

  1. To ensure all participants use the same terms and terminology
  2. To ensure that all project participants understand the same things by using these terms
  3. It will be one major outcome of RELY that shall be accessible via RELY website for different audiences in order to reinforce discussion, planning and research on RE, but also to facilitate participation processes by strengthening people within their local activities and projects.

For more information and download, see Glossary section of this homepage.

FlyerAction Flyer screenshot

The Action Flyer is available in seven languages so far: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German and Dutch and can also be downloaded here.

Travelling exhibition
The COST Rely Action has set up a travelling exhibition in order to inform different user groups on the Action‘s content and progress. The travelling exhibition shall be in particular a mean to get into contact with laypeople and to extend the debate and exchange about the Action‘s topic.
All Action members are strongly encouraged to exhibit in or at locations outside the university context. The RELY exhibition can be displayed either in English or in each national language.

For more information and download, click here.

WG 4 Activities map

 This map summarises the activities of WG 4 and stand of the translations of the different outcomes. Stand: Autumn 2016.


Friedrich Kuhlmann

Landscape Architecure
Estonian University of Life Sciences
Chief Specialist
Synthesis of findings and dissemination (WG 4)
Landscape Urbanism
Landscape and life-style
Social Sustainability

Theory and of recent Cultural Landscapes

Pre-fabricated housing areas in change

Energy landscapes as indicators for social sustainabilty
Energy landscapes helping to improve regional pride